His story

Nick grew up in a Christian family with two great parents and two older half brothers.  They went to church every Sunday and went to Sunday school and prayed before meals all the things you’re supposed to do as a “Christian”.  Nick accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior when he was ten at a Sports Crusaders basketball camp.  He was baptized about a year after that.

In middle school, Nick’s dad didn’t like the direction the church was going, so his family stopped attending.  Since they didn’t start going anywhere else after that, Nick didn’t grow much in his walk with God during middle school.  Going in to high school he was dating a girl and things began to get to physical. Nick knew in his heart that it wasn’t right and there was something missing in his life.  Nick knew that he needed to come back to God. He began hanging out and attending church with some friends and started to grow closer to God.  Nick feels that this was a major turning point in his life, because it was the first time that he had to make the decision to follow Christ himself.  All through high school, he continued to grow closer to God, the church, and his fellow Christians.

When he started college at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri, Nick lived in the dorms and started to get involved with Christian Campus Fellowship.  He had a hard time with temptation and purity in the dorms.  About 2-3 months into his freshman year, he received an email from the Christian Campus House saying there was an opening in the house.  They wondered if Nick was still interested in living there.  He moved in as soon as he could and his life began to change instantly.  Something about being surrounded be forty guys who love Jesus makes it a lot easier to grow spiritually.  The rest of his freshman year, Nick continued to grow in purity and away from temptations.

During the summer before his sophomore year, Nick organized a Book study for some of his friends back home, because their church didn’t have a ministry focused on college students.  The study helped him grow and taught him how to lead a study with his peers.  He was in the Air Force ROTC program my freshman year, but he felt that God was calling him to devote more of his time to CCF and being available to do His work.  Looking back, he knows it was the right decision.

Nick lived in the CCH for another year and a half, and started leading some small groups with CCF. The first group he co-led was with Tyler Nobis, the Providence team leader, on evangelism. He led another group the following semester.  Those groups helped him grow in his faith and prepared him for what God had in store for the following summer.

Nick wanted to work at a camp as a counselor since he had accepted Christ at camp years before.  There were many guys in the house that had worked at a camp in Tyler, TX called Pine Cove.  He applied to work there and was accepted to work the summer of 2009.  He was supposed to only work for the first half of the summer, but after being there a few weeks, he loved it and asked to stay for the whole summer.  It was trying and exhausting but God carried him through it. As it turns out, there was another reason God had Nick there for the whole summer. It was where he met and began to date Haley.

For the past few years of my college career, Nick felt that there might be a possibility that he may end up in ministry rather than using the degree that he was studying for. He has grown so much in my walk with God during college because of his involvement in a campus ministry. This is why Nick is so passionate about this ministry plant in Rhode Island. Nick is eager to be used by God to provide the students of Providence and New England with the opportunity to know and grow with God.


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