Our Story


Our Story

“dear nick jensen, you wear toms. and are working at the towers. let’s be friends.” Little did Haley know when she wrote on Nick’s Facebook wall a week before the summer of 2009 started at Pine Cove that she was talking to her future husband. It was Nick’s first summer, and Haley’s fourth. He was a counselor, she was the recruiting assistant. They officially met during week 2 in the kitchen. Over the next few weeks, they started getting to know each other over the weekends, but couldn’t even speak during the week. As the end of the summer approached, they made a decision to pursue a long distance relationship with 638 miles between them.

The next few months were full of skype dates, phone calls, and letters.  Nick drove down to visit every couple of weeks, and Haley flew up to Missouri a couple of times. They spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with Haley’s family. By March of 2010, Nick had decided he had enough with long distance, and asked Haley to marry him.  And she said yes.  So they spent the next 8 months planning not only a wedding but a marriage.

On January 8th, 2011, Nick and Haley got married.  They spent the following semester in Rolla, while Nick finished school and Haley worked. During this time, they were praying and discussing where they would be after Nick graduated. Until March, everything was very uncertain.

One day in March, Nick and Haley joined Tyler Nobis at Wal-Mart to help him pick up something for a service project.  As they waited for a couple of hours for their order to be ready, Tyler asked them, half jokingly, to go to Providence with him.  From that point, God placed Providence and the people there heavily on Nick and Haley’s hearts. They decided to pursue the possibility of moving to Rhode Island and helping plant a campus ministry.  After two trips to the Northeast and lots of prayer, they made the decision to move. They are excited to start this new adventure together, trusting in God’s provision.


2 responses to “Our Story

  1. tyler nobis

    haha i love that story about how you all came on board. It makes me smile how God was working on your hearts even way before that moment. Im Excited both of you are on this journey with me!

  2. Albert Yang

    Dear Nick and Haley,

    Congratulations to both of you on traveling on the narrow road that is very difficult to stay on. You guys choose to take on God’s challenges to fully do whatever He commands to enlighten many of people and students that does not realize that Christ’s Love is all they need. I support God’s mission in your lives to reach out to the need. Philippians 3:10 (I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death.) I encourage you guys to rejoice in the Lord when times gets tough because you are even more growing in your faith.
    Trust in the Lord because you will never know what kind of an awesome adventure lies before you!



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